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Aqua Angel counter-flow water dispenser

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Aqua Angel
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Size :
310 x 310 x 1220 mm (L x W x H)
Description :
Durable ABS front and top cover
3 faucets for hot & cold water & Room Temp water / 2 faucets for hot & cold water
For bottle distilled water (Upward Flow)
Body c/w waste water container 
Insulated hot &cold stainless steel tanks
Paper cups dispenser (optional)
Capacity :
Hot water supply 8 litres per hour at 85℃
Cold water supply 6 litres per hour at 10℃
Thermostat & Controls :
Fixed cold & hot thermostats and independent operated hot water ON /OFF switch
Refrigeration & Heating Units :
Quiet operation 1/8 H.P. Hermetic Compressor
Static air-cooled condenser
500 watts heating element
220 Volts single phase 50 HZ AC
Service :
12 months full guarantee