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The world today is full of pollution, and we can't be sure whether it is safe, whether it is air, food or water. Therefore, in 2009, we established a health equipment company. In the same year, we were directly authorized by the PENTAIR Group, a world-renowned water filtration equipment located in the United States (Hong Kong and Macau), and sold PENTAIR's drinking water treatment products including EVERPURE and PENTEK. We also sell a variety of drinking water machines from the United States, Taiwan, South Korea and other places. In the future, we will introduce more different health equipment to provide a more comprehensive protection for our customers' health.

Brand introduction has more than 50 branches and an annual turnover of approximately $3 billion. It is one of the 500 largest industrial companies in the United States. The business of Pentair Group mainly involves: water technology field and electronic cabinet industry. The Pentair Water Group is the premier industry of the Pentair Group and its main businesses include: pumps, purification and filtration, swimming pools and water features.

From the White House to the Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom, from the Twin Towers in Malaysia to the Royal Palace of Kuwait, from Disneyland to Starbucks, Pentair has a global footprint. The Pentair Group has also won two exclusive water treatment patents: “Precoat® Multi-pleated Membrane Membrane” and “Micro-Pure II® Activated Carbon Formula”, and the drinking water products have been awarded by the National Sanitation Foundation NSF 42 and NSF 53. Standard certification. It is the Pentair Water Group's commitment to the world to make the safest and cleanest water available to people from all walks of life around the world.

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