How can I place an order?
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EVERPURE was established in 1933 and has a long history. It is now a brand under Pentair, a leading water treatment technology group in the United States. With two patented water filtration technologies, "Precoat® patented multi-folded semi-permeable membrane" and "Micro-Pure® patented formulation for micro-purification," EVERPURE products are popular in 120 countries worldwide. Local customers include chain fast-food restaurants, chain coffee shops, chain beverage stores, large theme parks, hospitals, and schools. The products are NSF 42 (taste effect) and 53 (health effect) certified, ensuring confidence in their performance. Additionally, there are various models available to meet different needs.
Is the tap water in my home safe? Why do I need to install a water filtration system?
The chlorine added to the water during the water treatment process at the filtration plant in your home's water supply may potentially combine with organic compounds to form a carcinogen called trihalomethanes, which can impact human health. Furthermore, during the transportation of water from the filtration plant to your home through the water pipes and storage tanks, there is a possibility of contamination from lead, iron rust, bacteria, or other pollutants. In the past, there have been incidents in Hong Kong where lead was found in the water due to pipe issues.
Boiling water can only eliminate bacteria but cannot remove impurities such as iron rust, lead, or carcinogens like trihalomethanes.
However, water filtration systems certified by NSF 42 and 53 can effectively filter out harmful substances in the water while retaining beneficial minerals for the human body. Moreover, these systems offer the convenience of instant access to clean drinking water, saving both the cost and time involved in boiling water.
How to choose the filter model?
To choose the appropriate filter cartridge model, you can consider several factors such as the number of people using the water, water consumption (for example, if you frequently cook at home), and specific needs (such as living in a particular area or having long-term patients at home). Of course, the simplest method is to directly contact us, and we can assist you in selecting the most suitable filter cartridge for your needs.
How long do I need to replace my filter?
Each filter cartridge has its own filtering capacity, and once the filtering capacity is exhausted, the cartridge needs to be replaced. Additionally, the activated carbon inside the cartridge has a shelf life of one year after being exposed to moisture. Therefore, we recommend that customers replace the filter cartridge annually, even if the filtering capacity is not fully used.
When you purchase, install, or replace a filter cartridge through our company, we will label the cartridge with its expiration date. Please contact us before the expiration date to arrange for a professional to come to your home for replacement. However, the actual usage time of each filter cartridge may vary depending on usage and the quality of the water being filtered. If you notice a decrease in water flow or a slight odor in the filtered water, it indicates that the filter cartridge's filtering efficiency has been depleted. In such cases, please contact us immediately to arrange for a professional to come to your home and replace the cartridge.
If I am renting a place and cannot install a separate faucet on the countertop, what should I do?
In addition to under-sink installation, customers can also choose to install the filter cartridge on the countertop by adding a diverter valve connected to the existing faucet. After installation, the original faucet can be used to dispense either regular tap water or filtered water, providing convenience for customers to use for cleaning or drinking purposes.
What are the benefits to install a separate drinking water faucet?
Split design, aesthetic, economic, and durable. Independent water faucet which separated from the tap water, preventing for children drink tap water. Simple operation, press and drink.